January 6th, 2018

It is the day we have all been waiting for! Kickoff! We are all super excited and had a lot of members turn up around 6:30 to host kickoff for the local teams. After, we headed over to the lab to figure out what we are supposed to do this season. We read the rules, passed a quiz, the broke into groups to discuss how the game is played and potential strategies. After we reconvened to get lunch and discuss our ideas, we had a pretty big debate about small focused switch robot vs. a scale robot. After running some simulations, we figured that the switch will be very difficult to upset and the scale will likely be the most contested aspect of the game. Climbing is extremely difficult, and I do not think we will be able to figure out a way to make a reliable mechanism to achieve that, as well as loose time that could be spent improving other mechanisms.


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