January 15th, 2018

During our Monday off for MLK day we had a meeting from 12-8. Electrical finished wiring up the e plate
for the offseason robot, and Joel started getting code loaded on it to test PID loops, encoders, and
current limiting / detecting. They ran into issues getting the talons (motor controllers) set up and
eventually traced it to the leads on the CAN wires not being stripped enough to make a good connection.
Over on the mech side of things the team got a lot of good work done on the prototype and field. They
are pretty much replicating what I have in CAD right now so it will be good to test it in wood before
making it out of metal. Patrick / Rohan spent a lot of time machining, and the drive rails and a number of
other parts of the drivetrain are done. CAD working on a new cam system for the elevator, as well as
getting the gearbox for the elevator set up properly.


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